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The results of the first stage of the All-Russian competition of scientific publications of young fuel and energy complex specialists and young scientists under the age of 35 Current Development of the Fuel and Energy Complex: Legal Support Objectives 2023

Opening speech by A.B. Bondarenko, State Secretary of the Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, to the participants of the first stage of the competition


Dear participants of the first stage of the competition. The competition committee members have completed their deliberations and we can present the rating of the first stage participants’ papers. Congratulations to all participants and we wish you success and prosperity! First stage participants will be able to present their papers at the Youth Energy Law Forum on April 27, 2023. We expect to see you all at the second stage!

#               Contestant’s name             Place of work           Overall score            Publication topic

1          Nikolay N. Toropov   Communications Administration of the Branch of Gazprom Transgaz Saratov, LLC            134      Problems of Eliminating Violations in Guarded Areas of Gas Pipeline Facilities. The Regulatory Aspect

2          Nadezhda V. Golub   Territorial Generating Company No. 11, JSC           132      Offset of Emission Permits among Legal Entities Taking Part in the Permit Allocation Experiment (on the Example of Companies of the Fuel and Energy Complex)

3          Konstantin V. Moskvin         Market Council Association Non-Profit Partnership            132      Investigation of the Causes of Accidents in the Electric Power Industry: Assessment of the Need for Changes and the Concept of Regulatory Development

4          Sergey S. Koshman    Gazprom Export, LLC           130      Legal Arrangements for Natural Gas Export under Sanctions

5          Kseniya V. Efimenko      Rosseti Siberia, PJSC        129      Legal Regulation of Tariff Discrimination

6          Denis E. Loginovskiy      Gazprom Energo, LLC     129      Legal Support of Rational Use of Energy Resources

7          Nikolay N. Kirillov    Gazpromneft Expert Solutions, LLC            128      Legal Support for Innovative Development of Companies of the Fuel and Energy Complex

8          Ekaterina M. Kologermanskaya        PromHim, LLC          128      Legal Regulation of the Construction and Operation of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in the Russian Federation and Foreign Countries

9          Yuriy A. Kapul          Transneft, PJSC         124      Protected Zones and Minimum Distances to Main Oil Pipelines (Petroleum Product Pipelines): The Concept, Legal Regime and Meaning for Secure Operation of Main Pipeline Transport Facilities

10        Petr N. Maksimenko  Mosenergosbyt, JSC  122      Synchronization of the Restoration of Violated Economic Interests in Energy Supply Relations: Legal Issues and Legislative Support

11        Galina A. Smirnova    Mosenergosbyt, JSC  117      Energy Resources as Objects of Criminal Law

12        Darya A. Sviridova    Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk, LLC       113      Significance of Reforming Control (Supervision) for Fuel and Energy Complex Facilities

13        Pavel I. Strelnikov      Mosoblenergo, JSC    113      Legal Regulation of Protection of Rights of Energy Market Participants

14        Roman G. Tsyganovskiy        Branch of Gazprom Transgaz Saratov, LLC, Procurement and Acquisition Department     107      Legal Aspects of Enforcing the Rights of Gas Pipeline Title Owners when Performing Works on Land Plots Owned by Others

15        Marat T. Khamidullin             Kazan Heat Networks Branch of Tatenergo, JSC    105      Quasi-Departmental Regulatory Acts in Energy Law

16        Zlata E. Zagorulko     Mosenergosbyt, JSC  104      Problems Caused by Incorrect Execution of Utility Connection Certificates

17        Nadezhda A. Valentukevich Petersburg Retail Company, JSC      101      Practical Issues of Entering into Energy Supply Contracts for Inherited Property

18        Evgeniya D. Vasilyeva          Petersburg Retail Company, JSC      98        Pitfalls of Unilateral Termination of Energy Supply Contracts (Risks of the Default Provider when Avoiding Contract Termination and Using the Unilateral Contract Repudiation Mechanism)

19        Aleksey A. Stepanov Gazprom Transgaz Kazan, LLC        95        Legal Regulation of Energy Resource Export

20        Vladislav Rizovsky    Gazprom Energo, LLC          94        Artificial Intelligence in Criminal Proceedings in the Energy Sector

21        Maria M. Ismagilova  Gazprom Transgaz Tchaikovsky, LLC          84        Instituting Administrative Action for Negligent Damage to Heating Networks, Fuel Pipelines (Gas Pipelines): Qualification Issues and Subjects of Jurisdiction

22        Oleg Yu. Sinyagin      Gazprom Energoholding, LLC          81        Additional Payments to Employees Working in Harmful Conditions

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