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The First Textbook on Energy Law for Training of Top Qualification Personnel in the Russian Federation Has Been Published

The first textbook on energy law for training of top qualification personnel in the Russian Federation has been published. The author of the textbook is V.V. Romanova, LL.D., Chairperson of the Commission of the Association of Lawyers of Russia on Energy Law and Development of Law in the Fuel and Energy Complex, Member of the Public Council of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, Member of the Expert Council of the State Duma Committee on Energy, author of more than 200 scientific and educational publications on energy law.

V.V. Romanova has many years of experience in training top qualification personnel in the field of energy law, who have successfully defended their PhD (Law) theses at Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL) and St. Petersburg State University, where internationally recognized experts in the field of energy law were among the expert members of the thesis committees.

A.G. Lisitsyn-Svetlanov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, LL.D., highly appreciated the textbook.

In his review of the textbook, A.G. Lisitsyn-Svetlanov states:

“For lawyers whose activities are related to energy law, the level of the top qualification, along with the acquisition of basic legal knowledge, implies the presence and practical application of the knowledge to develop energy law as an integrated legal discipline. The undeniable advantage of the textbook is the systematic presentation of the material, which is expressed in the successful combination of general theoretical and practical legal issues, as well as in the emphasis on the peculiarity of the regulation of relations in the energy sector: the intrinsic interaction of private and public law regulation, including the problems of energy security.

The textbook is not limited to the study of formal legal institutions only. The author vividly demonstrates the economic essence of the Russian energy sector as an industry combining internal and external economic principles. The revealed interrelation of internal and external markets corresponds to the use of the comparative legal method of research, which is discussed in the textbook. The proposed material is necessary not only in the educational process, but it will be of undoubted interest to practical specialists.”

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